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    Darkness, a colab? and more!I was in the beginning with darkness

    Darkness covered the face of the earth


    All earth was formless and empty

    darkness was the surface of the deep,

    MY SPIRIT hovers over the waters



    I made the clouds its garment
    and wrapped it in thick darkness





    I saw that the light was good, andseparated the light from the darkness.
    I made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night, and to separate light from darkness.


    “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.

    While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

    Thanx to-
    I would never have written this without the help of the following colab friends:
    (ok, Genesis I don’t know if anyone living knows your real name~)
    Genesis: lines chapter 1second verse 2,
    Job: 38 chapter, verse 9,
    Genesis chapter 1 verse 16

    Matthew: chapter 5 verse 14
    John chapter 9 verse 5

    ‘CREATION’ABOUT THE WATER OR RAIN:He said it was dark
    then His spirit and water moved



    It came to the groundEye love it~

    found out eye won’t dissolve like sugar, either… 🙂

    Yay! You know? I was asked about my heritage, again, by a new friend.

    Talk about tears…..

    and laughter


    and love
    and rain~


    Yes, like all of us

    I raised by parents who cared enough to say, ‘It’s too hot’ or ‘it’s too cold’ or.. “Come out of the rain, now, del’jean!” 🙂

    big grin~ For years, that is how I lived, too.
    Dad also said things like, ”Sit under the tree, deljean”. Or ”Go sit on the ground and let it heal you”.

    Right or wrong, dad loved me and that is how his Indian and Celtic parents raised him!
    After years of pretending to be a ‘city gal’, I found the outdoors, again!
    In a time of great loneliness and confusion,
    I looked up one day, and I was surrounded by a local pagan community! I wanted to run! Alcoholics, addicts, perversion of every kind…… (Just like the rest of the world….)*******************************

    When I looked closely, I also found this particular group of people were loving and ‘accepting of me’, even while I suffered from PTSD. (a most ‘unlovely‘ condition to be around, by the way)
    I was ENOURAGED to be outside for the first time in years!
    ONCE AGAIN, this time as an adult, I learned to camp out, to dance in the rain, to drum in the out doors, to make fire pits and watch the fire warm up the entire area!
    Yes, pagan occult practices, witchcraft, etcetra won’t open the gates to heaven, for sure.*******************************


    In fact quite the opposite…. BUT:
    Abraham, our father, was born in Egypt! Moses was born in Egypt!

    So let’s be very careful not to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’~~

    (Or is that: ‘bathe them with the dishes?)



    God knows why I had to take that walk into my family heritage. I did uncover my roots.
    Just like the tree seeks for water underground.
    (He had an easier way, I’m sure.)










    del’jean !!! enough! blush blush….

    so if that is true then is this:
    Because that is true, due to the hardness of our heart when we are born on other than good ground,
    Is this also true:


    He is with us and will guide us BACK TO HIM just as the roots of a tree seek out water to survive.

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    Cry with the Rain

    By del’jean aka Glimmeringstar

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    eye look

    outside my window

    and know

    i am




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    Why have another username for blogging? There are many reasons.

    I won’t elaborate however, since we are all imaginative people!

    Mine is simple.

    I’ve been blogging on several sites for 3 years, and I also have a domain name under the name, Glimmeringstar.

    Why did I want to blog under another name, Chiunicorn?

    That’s the real question. At the time, I was going through changes. I ‘blog’ my way through changes and didn’t want to be identified with the ‘witchy psychic’ me until I had worked through them.

    Now that I’ve worked through all of that.

    I’m ready to publish!

    My new blog name is Glimmeringstar. Old name, old domain for a completely new person!

    If you were to check out the domain or google Glimmeringstar then, you’ll find I was quite the character!

    Now I’ve found true enlightenment and I have a need to pass it on.

    I know, that’s what all of us enlightened ones have to say.


    I am passing on the truth.


    From Glimmeringstar, to Chiunicorn, back to Glimmeringstar.

    Here’s hoping I am intelligent enough to make the change!

    Another topic, for a later date is spell check. Ever wonder why spell check can’t spell blog, blogging, bloggers, or username? Ha!

    Look for me in a couple of weeks or sooner. I will return when I’ve finished converting , er, oops, adding a new domain name.

    Busy weeks ahead for all.

    For now,

    lil ‘ole me,