Why have another username for blogging? There are many reasons.

I won’t elaborate however, since we are all imaginative people!

Mine is simple.

I’ve been blogging on several sites for 3 years, and I also have a domain name under the name, Glimmeringstar.

Why did I want to blog under another name, Chiunicorn?

That’s the real question. At the time, I was going through changes. I ‘blog’ my way through changes and didn’t want to be identified with the ‘witchy psychic’ me until I had worked through them.

Now that I’ve worked through all of that.

I’m ready to publish!

My new blog name is Glimmeringstar. Old name, old domain for a completely new person!

If you were to check out the domain or google Glimmeringstar then, you’ll find I was quite the character!

Now I’ve found true enlightenment and I have a need to pass it on.

I know, that’s what all of us enlightened ones have to say.


I am passing on the truth.


From Glimmeringstar, to Chiunicorn, back to Glimmeringstar.

Here’s hoping I am intelligent enough to make the change!

Another topic, for a later date is spell check. Ever wonder why spell check can’t spell blog, blogging, bloggers, or username? Ha!

Look for me in a couple of weeks or sooner. I will return when I’ve finished converting , er, oops, adding a new domain name.

Busy weeks ahead for all.

For now,

lil ‘ole me,